Six Rules You Should Master—And I Can Prove It!

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  • Andrea

    Ross – I’m still enjoying your tips and tricks. I took your class 6 years ago and am known in my office for concise written communications. Thanks!

    • Ross Guberman

      Alfredo, thanks so much and best wishes, and Andrea, great to hear from you and congrats! Still at GW believe it or not, though only in the spring.

  • Ross Guberman

    Great to hear! Thanks so much for staying in touch.

  • Alfredo

    I am a paralegal who is learning a lot from you book. Great job Ross!!

  • Brian

    Doesn’t the list of six rules with a high correlation have seven entries?

  • Ross Guberman

    Brian, yes, because of the tie with the three-way .42 correlation! I should probably change to “seven” rules, though.